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on Jan 28 in Clearview Construction

Double-pane replacement windows can now perform better than triple-pane windows. Even better, these replacement windows cost $150 to $200 less per window.

When purchasing replacement windows for your home, a per window differential of that amount adds up very quickly. With ten windows a homeowner can save as much as two thousand dollars and a twenty window purchase can save up to four thousand dollars. The best part of this scenario is the replacement windows perform at a higher level, saving energy costs year round.

These double-pane replacement windows are a great example of technology applied practically to a common, everyday use. Homeowners can now get windows that save more energy, practically eliminate ultraviolet rays from the sun, and reduce unwanted glare. To be specific, you get an NFRC U-factor of .20, which converts to an R-value of R-5 on a double-hung window. Center of glass R-value is R-10.

Home with Replacement windowsHow Is This Done with Replacement Windows?

By simply suspending a specially coated insulating film between the two panes of glass, it allows the cost to be kept at a double-pane window level. The double-pane plus film system performs equally to a traditional triple pane window without the added weight, aesthetic or design limitations and reduced natural light.

Suspended Film Insulating Glass Advantages

Suspended film is one of the most significant technologies developed to improve insulation. The film is internally mounted and works together to complement the benefits of low-e coated glass.

Combining both film and glass-based low-e coatings creates a lightweight unit that reflects heat and harmful UV radiation while maximizing light transmission. These replacement windows provide superior insulation performance. The double-pane windows installed by Clearview Windows and Sunrooms with an NFRC U-factor of .20 are 43% better than the best performing double-pane design in the marketplace.

The Replacement Windows Bottom Line

The combination of low-e coatings, suspended film, insulating gases and a warm edge spacer system create a unique high-performance glass package designed for Madison Wisconsin’s unpredictable climate.

Benefits of Suspended Film Insulating Glass Replacement Windows

  • HVAC savings due to downsized equipment and lower annual operating costs
  • 99.5% UV protection -- reduces interior fading and damage
  • Directional tuning to enhance daylight with morning warmth and afternoon coolness
  • Lower project costs when compared to triple-pane glass
  • Reduced outside noise
  • Improved occupant comfort and health
  • Architectural freedom to include more glass in the design
  • Reduced condensation
  • Potential elimination of perimeter baseboard heating
  • LEED contribution of up to 19 points

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