Sunroom FAQ's

4 season vs. 3 season sunroom… which is right for me?

A three season sunroom relies mainly on outdoor temperatures and sun exposure. Some people use a small heat source in this room, but it is not typically cooled. Customers who do not use their sunroom the entire year often choose the three season room.

A four season sunroom is usually heated and cooled for year-round use—making it the more versatile of the two sunrooms. Customers typically install a heating/cooling/heat pump unit in a four season sunroom.

Can I put a sunroom on my deck or concrete slab/patio?

Building codes are generally different for decks vs. sunrooms. Unfortunately, the answer is usually no. While there are instances where the existing structure can be used, it is rare. The Uniform Dwelling Code (UDC) applies to the entire state of Wisconsin and local building inspectors adhere to the code. If you have someone who says you can build on a deck or patio, it is a good idea to get an additional opinion.

How long will it take to build my sunroom?

The entire process, including pouring the footings, building the foundation/floor, erecting the sunroom walls & roof, installing electric, completing the final finishing work and all required inspections takes approximately four weeks.

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Four & Three Season Sunroom
Comparison Chart

Four Season Sunroom Three Season Sunroom
Months Used Year Round March-November
% Built 95% 5%
Floor R-25 Plastic Wrapped Insulated Uninsulated (optional R-19, R-25)
  • Thermally Improved Aluminum Structure
  • Insulated Vinyl Sashes & Frames
  • Aluminum Structure
  • Aluminum Sashes & Frames
  • Non-directional - Slide Either Direction
  • Full Screen - Pops out (easy cleaning/max air flow)
  • 7/8” Double-pane Glass - Argon Gas Filled
  • Low-e Coating - Reduces 75% Ultraviolet Light
  • Protects Fixtures & Fabric from Sun Damage
  • Tempered Safety Glass
  • Intercept Warm Edge Spacer
  • Energy StarTM Rated Windows
  • EnviroTherm Injected Foam Filled Frames
  • Added Strength & Insulation
  • Directional – Left Only or Right Only
  • Half Screen - Slides
  • Single-pane Glass - No Gas
  • No low-e Coating for Ultraviolet Light
  • Sun Damage to Fixtures & Fabrics
  • Tempered Safety Glass

Other Options in the 3-Season Marketplace:

  • Four Track or Sliding Plastic Windows
  • Double-Pane Glass (aluminum sash/frame)
  • R-26 or R-40 (optional R-13)
  • Styles – Gable/A-Frame or Studio/Slanted
  • Up to an 8/12 pitch (3/12 min for shingles)
  • R-13 (optional R-26, R-40)
  • Styles – Gable/A-Frame or Studio/Slanted
  • Up to an 8/12 pitch (3/12 min for shingles)
Climate Control Heating/Cooling/Heat Pump Unit or Any Option Portable Space Heaters
Cost Difference
  • Labor (approx equal to 3-Season)
  • Materials about 15% more
  • Heating & Cooling Cost
  • Labor (approx equal to All-Season)
  • Materials about 15% less
  • Portable Space Heater Cost