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Replacement Window Technology: More Performance – Less Cost in Madison Wisconsin

ClearView Sunrooms & Windows offers vinyl replacement windows and fiberglass replacement windows offering a variety of styles, glass coatings and interior finishes including wood grain styles that are virtually indistinguishable from wood, but last much, much longer in Madison ,Wisconsin weather.

Advanced replacement window technology results in a double pane window using a film component that outperforms triple pane windows and delivers the following:

  • HVAC savings due to downsized equipment and lower annual operating costs
  • 99.5% UV protection -- reduces interior fading and damage to rugs and furniture
  • Directional tuning to enhance daylight with morning warmth and afternoon coolness
  • Lower project costs when compared to triple-pane glass
  • Reduced outside noise
  • Improved occupant comfort and health
  • Architectural freedom to include more glass in the design
  • Reduced condensation
  • Potential elimination of perimeter baseboard heating
  • LEED contribution of up to 19 points

Article Intro

“It’s just fun to be able to sell double-pane windows that perform better than triple-pane windows and cost $150 to $200 less per window,” says Ben Kripps, owner of ClearView Sunrooms & Windows. “That adds up quickly when homeowners are replacing the windows in their homes.”