Replacement Windows Comparison

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At some point every home will need a replacement window. Whether a homeowner is replacing one window or every window in their home, the need to compare the various products available is inevitable. A replacement window can be made of vinyl, fiberglass or traditional wood. Each of these types of windows has strengths and can be used in various situations.

As you consider a replacement window for your home, consider the amount of durability you expect, what you prefer aesthetically and the energy efficiency (savings) you hope to attain. Given the climate we contend with in the Madison WI area, a replacement window is an important investment. The benefits to you in making a good choice include enhancing your home’s beauty, increasing its market value, reducing outside noise, decreasing the amount of cleaning and maintenance required as well as energy costs.

Replacement Window Options

A replacement window is available in a variety of types, styles and colors. It is often a great idea to visit showrooms to gain a full understanding of the options you have. ClearView offers a wide selection of the most popular vinyl and fiberglass replacement windows.

A replacement window designed to resist the elements and save energy is often a good place to start your process. Be sure as you research and compare, the replacement window you choose is specially designed to provide the highest insulation performance for your home so you can better deal with Wisconsin’s unpredictable climate.

The Energy Efficient Replacement Window

A replacement window with specially coated low E glass provides Ultra Violet (UV) radiation blockage reducing damage and fading of household items and furniture as well as helping to decrease energy costs for heating and cooling. With a ClearView replacement window, you will be able to accomplish a number of positive things, including –

  • Lowering energy bills
  • Reducing condensation
  • Slowing or eliminating air leakage for less draft in winter (USIP)
  • Curtailing solar heat gain in the summer 
  • Increasing comfort with smart window technology, keeping warmth in during winter and and heat out in summer. 
  • Up to R-5 insulation value or 0.20 U-factor (full frame) for double hung windows which exceed Energy StarTM standards and meets new 2022 most efficient Energy StarTM criteria.

Vinyl and Fiberglass Equal Replacement Window Longevity

ClearView Sunrooms & Windows specializes in selling and installing vinyl and fiberglass windows. They are made from state-of-the-art materials and will not rot, will resist mold and will strongly resist all environmental factors.

A wood replacement window will be affected by all environmental conditions. Even when clad, can collect water and moisture which will accelerate material failure. A wood replacement window is more susceptible to material failure than ever before because the windows are made with farmed pine wood, a softer species of wood. This makes the replacement window less rot resistant than pine wood from an old-growth forest or hard wood that it is replacing.

To help you get a better handle on what replacement window is better for your situation, review the information below:

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