Sunroom Additions – What To Do With the Rest of the House?

Sunroom planning concept

Sunroom additions, whether it be 3-Season or 4-Season, all have one thing in common – the homeowner is wished they had built their sunroom sooner.

At ClearView Sunrooms & Windows we feel gratified our customers are enjoying their sunrooms (usually four season sunroom additions for year round use), we are frustrated too. In most cases there is no good reason to delay building. The result of the delay is they deny themselves the enjoyment of the room. Our experience tells us enjoying their sunroom is a huge part of their Return On Investment (ROI).

The Most-Used Room In The House

Sunroom additions create a recurring question many homeowners ask, which is “What do we do with the rest of the house?”

The reason is simple. Sunroom additions become a focal point of activity in a home. With climate control, a four-season sunroom can impact your lifestyle year-round. Consider the following –

  • Entertaining guests at any time, in any season, in any weather
  • Ground zero for family time including meals, movies, TV, hanging out
  • Individual personal time for reading, a cup of coffee and other quiet activities
  • Enjoying the feel of being outdoors without the inconveniences (temperature, inclement weather, bees, mosquitos, bats etc.)
  • Other passions or activities such as using a sunroom as an exercise room or a place for a hot tub

Sunroom Additions Change The Dynamic Of Your Life

Most people add a sunroom near their kitchen. This has a big impact because of the tendency of both family and guests to congregate in the kitchen. Sunrooms are a natural progression from kitchens and whether with family, a few friends or entertaining a large group, the convenient location gets people out of the kitchen. Sunroom additions create a new ambiance by increasing natural light, getting separation from dirty dishes and according to homeowners, creating a better mood. 

The Financial Value Of Sunroom Additions

Sunrooms additions also increase the value of your home immediately and in the future. Below are a few financial considerations when planning for a sunroom.

  • ClearView’s pre-engineered, high quality components are a greater value than more expensive, small windowed, traditional stick-built (lumber framed) sunrooms. It is not uncommon to realize a 100% return on investment based on Clearview’s sunroom pricing and housing values in the Madison area market.
  • Very few homeowners see sunroom additions as an expense. They see it as a repositioning of their assets where they get to enjoy the use of the assets daily.  
  • Depending on the neighborhood, the addition of a sunroom can catapult a home’s desirability and value. If the home is the only one with a sunroom addition, it will stand out relative to comparable homes. 
  • When compared to remodeling options that increase useable space, such as finishing basements or adding decks, sunrooms offer a different dynamic. ClearView customers say sunrooms are a better option because they are useable year round (unlike a deck) and they’re bright and open (as opposed to a darker basement option). 
  • A sunroom will appreciate with the rest of the house. Depending on location and neighborhood, it could appreciate at 2-5% annually.
  • For resale, a sunroom will trump drawbacks like outdated kitchens or baths. Sunrooms are unique and can positively impact the perceived value of the entire home.
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The Bottom Line

Considering how sunroom additions can be used now and enjoyed for years, how they appreciate with your home and pay dividend year-round, it’s easy to see why homeowners wonder why they had not added sunroom additions sooner.

To learn more about the Return On Investment of sunroom additions – contact ClearView Sunrooms & Windows at (608) 226-9800. They only thing you will regret is not calling sooner.